All Star Teams

As the Hockey Assosciation develops the new inline arm of hockey which has proven to be the most popular and fastest growing sport on the Islands as well as the sport with the most active participants, the development coach has created All Star teams.


The purpose of these teams is to allow higher ability skaters to play together and compete, this shoulod have the effect of creating competition amongsth players to make the rosters as well as allowing those All Star players to develop quicker and there for bring their skills back to their respective teams. 


In the interst of development every third week of Senior Inline Competition will be a three hour training periods with two teams allocated training time.


There will be two All Star teams created, one male and one female. The Assl Star teams will draw from the senior inline teams and may include the elite players that are also rostered within those teams.  The Ladies All Starr will play against the pick of the elite female players who will form the Valkyries team.  The mens team are simply called All Stars and will play against the Stingers team, which is the cream of the elite inline hockey players.

 Youth players rules


New amendments to the rules to classify a new type of youth player to give dek hockey (only) captains more flexability

  1. Any player under the age of 15 (Youth) wishing to play Dek must be approved by the development staff and on approval wear full ice hockey protection. 
  2. Any player pre-15 (Youth) will play at the team captains discretion and does so free of charge.
  3. A team may dress a maximum of 2 youth players and only commit 1 youth player to the playing surface at a time.
  4. A player between the age of 16 and 18 is classed as an intermediate player and must wear hockey shin guards (not football), hockey gloves and a helmet with cage.
  5. Intermediate players who are under 17 must have a signed parental consent form handed in to the development staff or other committee member.
  6. Intermediate players will be subject to invoicing. If the player is an Elite Youth they will be invoiced at 50% of the senior invoice.  If the player is not a rostered Elite skater they will be subject to full invoicing.
  7. Intermediate players are not limited by the youth player rule.  So an Intermediate player will have no restrictions placed on them (ie the 2 youth player rule). 

Senior Hockey prepares to start 2017 season

Senior teams for 2017 have now been chosen and players rostered., The Senior Dek Hockey will face off first with the Energise Shield competition starting on Sunday 19th March. A noticeable difference is that for the first time Selected Elite Youth players will make up some of the available spots on the teams.  The chosen few will however have to compete in full Ice Hockey equipment IAW Hockey Association risk assessments.  The younger players will play at the descretion of the team captains with available numbers of senior players a deciding factor, also the young men and women of the Elite Youth will not be allowed to play on Tuesdays unless this falls over a school break.


The Senior inline teams have adopted a simpilar approach where selected players from the Elite division will be rostered to the adult inline teams. Again the final say on playing will rest with the captains of the teams, the children will like their adult counter parts be in full protective gear. As all the senior inline games will take be played on Sunday mornings there will be no restrictions on youth players participating on certain game days. A subtle difference from the Dek Hockey is there will be 5 senior teams and one dedicated team fully rostered with elite players - Stingers, will all be youth skaters but competing in the senior competition.


Senior inline teams with elite skaters and entire elite team (Stingers)

Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund Sponsorship

After the sucess of the 2015 Copa Invernada we knew hockey would pick up, the youth hockey element flourished with the the first complete inline seasn out of the way, and a second sucessful Copa Invernada Falklands Hockey has gained further momentum. The 2016 season saw 4 senior Dek Hockey teams and 4 Youth Inline teams.  This has grown somewhat with three seperate divions in the Youth Hockey alone; Peewee, Rookie and Elite all playing inline hockey in 11 teams.  The senior hockey has also branched out to Inline with 4 inline teams and an expected 5 - 6 Dek hockey teams.  This amounts to an estimated 140+ players.


With the Youth sponsorship secured with the kind support of the Seafish Chandlery the strips are currently being manufactured by Rhinosports.  To fund the new senior strips however, a funraising strategy has been planned and is currently awaiting licencing by the Falkland Islands Government. The emphasis has shifted from seeking sponsorship to fund our senior strips to self funding (with the aid of our new strategy) and sponsor a local charity.  The logo of the Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund (to the left side of this artical) will feature on all the strips yet to be manufactured (13 planned strips for the 2017 season including the new senior Copa Invernada).  The Stephen Jaffray Memorial Fund (SJMF) is a local fund which is in place to assist families touched by medical emergencies.  Due to our remote location specialist medical help is usually overseas more often than not in the United Kingdom 8,000 miles away.  The fund is set up to financially assist families with flights etc as the cost alone can be many thousands of pounds.  This worth while cause is one any family living in the Falkland Islands hopes to never be in a postion to use but many do, including more than a few members of the Hockey Association.  Aside from physically promoting the SJMF it is hoped that we can raise around £6,000 a year on their behalf too.

Oilers looking slick

David Hewitt - Oilers high scorer


The second instalment of Dek Hockey faced off a fraction late due to an unfortunate injury to the Sharks goalie, who took a cheeky puck to the back of the head, annoyingly for Phil Mansell, as he was reaching for his helmet. Heroically Frank O’Sulivan strapped on his body armour and took up the duty guarding the onion string, although due to an equipment malfunction he opted to stick with players shin guards as opposed to the much larger goalie pads.  This had the amusing effect of making Frank look like a photoshop experiment gone wrong, as his torso and legs looked entirely out of proportion. With the Penguins short of players they had no line changers to call on meaning that the team had to make do with three forwards for the game. The Sharks had one sub to call on but given the goalie situation all things seemed equal.

With a player disadvantage one might have thought the Penguins might try to conserve energy. Conservation wasn’t a buzzword on the Penguin bench however, as Duane March and Andy Stanworth relentlessly attacked the Sharks taking an early lead though a low fast goal fired from Duane March’s stick. With the Sharks dynamic duo Nick Francis and Marco Leyton putting stand in net minder Stuey Duncan of the Oilers under pressure, and occasional longer shots firing in from the defence the on loan Oilers goalie made the great saves look easy.  With Andy Stanworth slotting a third Penguins goal with no reply the indefatigable effort of the Pens was rewarded with the first shutout of the season, final score 3 – 0 Penguins.

The second game saw the brand new and so far undefeated Oilers taking on the Red Wings still buoyant from their victory over the Sharks five days earlier in the opening games. The rosters were similarly populated as the earlier game with the Wings only able to field three forwards while their opponents had one sub to call on.

The Red wings opened the scoring with an electrifying 70mph+ shot from Captain Grant Budd which zipped passed the Oilers keeper Stu Duncan who played back to back games.  The  Red Wings competed very well showing good skill and positional awareness, aware that they had a limited fuel tank they took an aggressive approach early, opting to dissect the first half with a timeout.

After taking on crucial fluids, both teams went on the attack, with the Oilers asking more and more questions of the Red Wings. The scoreboard was in constant use as the goals continued to mount but with greater efficiency from the Oilers team. In his debut game Toby Adoeye new to the world of skating and hoping to claim a position in the senior national ice hockey team, showed his team that he has a clear aptitude for the sport.  Finding himself in space and whilst being aggressively consistent in his prosecution the defence, the debutant scored a goal and an assist.  However with his hockey sabbatical well and truly over Oiler David Hewitt became the second player to score a double hat trick as he bagged seven goals and two assists. The Oilers lubricated the gears of their goal scoring jugger-naught with the final score line standing in their favour at eleven goals to four and have now collected seventeen goals in two games and are unsurprisingly topping the table at this early stage.

Nail biting end to 2nd youth game Wolverines v dragons

Regan celebrating scoring her goal

Following the launch evening of the Falkland Islands Hockey Associations newest element of Youth Inline Hockey on the 8th March, the first The day before saw the Knights take on the Bombers with Knight Theo Duncan stamp his presence in the history books as he became the first youth skater to get on the scoreboard, not being satisfied with that he furthered the Knights quest by becoming the first skater to score a hatrick in a youth game. Other notable achievements of this first contest were first female to score a goal going to Kathy Aguilera who scored the Bombers only reply as the Knights continued to assault as they finishing victors on the happy side of an 8 – 1 win.

The second game of the season for the newly formed youth inline hockey teams saw the Wolverines take on the Dragons.  Four members from the teams were missing as the policy of the Hockey Association is detentions in school mean missing a period of hockey (three from Wolverines and one Dragon). Despite the Wolverines missing their captain Malachi Budd, Travis Jaffray broke on to the score sheet, an action which seemed to ignite the competitive afterburners on both teams.  Sam Hill led the Dragons in a competent and determined attack, while the Wolverines managed to stay in the lead with no subs to call on the Wolverines were playing largely defensive hockey trying to conserve their energy occasionally stabbing forward when they could.  A stalwart effort and clever play in goal from net minder Sean Sackett kept the Wolves in a position where they could hold the Dragons at bay, despite relentless attacks from Dragons striker #33 Ethan George. Wolverines Coach Martyn Barlow called for a time out half way through the first half aware that his team were getting no rest to enable them to take on some fluids and some playing advice.

The second period saw Danny Ross (#9) of the Dragons and Wolverines skaters Lane McKay (#21), Vaughn McGill (#28) and Malachi Budd (#12) take to the floor.  The injection of fresh legs is always useful and the Dragons welcomed the speed of their flying #9.  The Wolverines were able to rest three of the four starting line up and the made an immediate impact from the bench as the nearly complete fresh line tested the Dragons defence. Captain Budd scored a sweet goal which gave him a chance to try out his new goal celebration, shortly after Molly Roberts (#5) assisted Travis Jaffray (#32) as the Wolves extended their lead. Wolverines #12 scored a nice smooth goals after a dynamic attack through the Dragons defence around the back of the goal and just beating #62 net minder Dean Ellis. Not five minutes later the tall athletic form of Ethan George scored an identical goal against Sean Sackett of the Wolves. 

The latter half of the second period saw a goal mouth scramble in front of the Wolverines bench, which saw Dragons attacker Regan Newman (#16) score her first as she became the 4th young lady in two games to get onto the score sheet.  After a reciprocating attack next to the Dragons goal which saw Malachi Budd sent to the bin for two minutes by his father and referee Grant Budd for un-sportsman like conduct.  Whilst the Wolverines were learning about the concept of being short handed in a power play, Travis McGill of the Wolverines also collected a two minute penalty.  This left the Wolverines with only two forwards playing against four with 2 minutes left on the clock and a one goal advantage.

The parents, players from other teams and other spectators were treated to a climatic end to this match as the noise for the viewing area got louder and louder for the 40 odd people watching the game as Molly and Vaughn of the Wolverines tried to hold off a team who were determined to press home their advantage.  The Dragons dynamic duo of Captain Hill and sniper Ethan paired up to deliver the goal that the crowd were cheering for. The Wolverines Coach who had gone horse with shouting instructions trying to compete with the high noise levels of the crowd and had to tap the two players on the shoulder due to go on, as in hockey when a goal is scored during a power play the penalised team is immediately returned to full strength.  With about 40 seconds left on the clock the Wolverines went into overdrive as they tried to retake their lead.  The Dragons had a manic defence but defend they did.  With the buzzer barely audible,  the noise of the crowd it was truly deafening as the end of the game saw the well contested game end 4 – 4.  The good turnout of spectators led to a great atmosphere and a nail biting finish to a terrific game of hockey.


2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM will take place in the Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday 19th January starting at 1900. Refreshments will be available from a free bar, all players and youth players are encouraged to attend. 

The hockey association has seen considerable growth (100%) as a youth element has been formed, part of the delivered presentation will be outlining a plan for the season of 2016 which will incorporate sending five ice hockey teams to Punta Arenas for this years winter tournament. Following a sneak peak at the senior dek hockey shirts, unveiling of the all new hockey shirts which will mark 2016 as a decade of Falklands Hockey.

international dek hockey jan 2016

The proposed Falkland Islands hosted Dek Hockey tournament set for 9th – 16th January is sadly not going ahead.  The invited competing teams have not been able to raise the required funds necessary for their travel to the Islands.  Committee member Grant Budd is hoping to travel to Punta Arenas within the next two months to lay the way for the intended Copa Invernada tournament in June and as the Falkland Islands wish to send over 4 youth Ice Hockey teams (from which a national team will be drawn) and the defending champions senior Ice Hockey team will also travel to the South American city. 

In addition to the Senior and Youth Hockey pre-competition visit, Grant will also meet with representatives in Punta Arenas the investigate possibility how the South American sides feel we can assist with the hosting of a Dek Hockey tournament in the future in addition to what the FIHA had already planned.   

Youth hockey momentum continues

Samples of the new youth inline hockey shirts have arrived and will be going on display at the Chandlery supermarket where they will remain, possible suspended from the ceiling,  as soon as the staff can fit the time in around the hectic Christmas preparation schedule.


Youth hockey has recently recvieved more boosts beauchene fishing, decor Services and JK Marine have also all agreed to sponsor the youth Ice Hockey teams.

For full story click on link Some of the youth skaters recieving the large cheque from Seafish Chandlery

new Youth hockey shirts

2016 will see the Falkland Islands Hockey Association swell as 30 youth players join our ranks.  Here are the newly designed shirts the young guys and girls will be wearing, it is hoped when the body armour arrives (possibly February sometime) a few friendlies can be organised this will be ahead of the main hockey season starting mid-March 2016.

Dragons Youth Hockey Team
Knights Youth Inline Hockey Team
Wolverines Youth Inline Hockey Team
Bombers Inline Youth Hockey Team

New dek hockey shirts

Thanks to the copyright contract secured earlier in the year with the NHL we are pleased to announce the newly designed Dek Hockey shirts with our sponsors on.  The new shirts are also displaying the new association logo celebrating 10 years of Falkland Islands hockey

Penguins Dek Hockey Team
Flyers Dek Hockey Team
Redwings Dek Hockey Team
Panthers Dek Hockey Team
Oilers Dek Hockey Team
Sharks Dek Hockey Team

Grass roots

As the 2015 season disappears in the rear view mirror, with the newly appointed Sharks team clearing all before them, the newly planted seeds of grass roots Falklands Hockey start to flourish. 30 new players were today rostered into their teams, these players whose average age is 11 form the new wing of the hockey association.  These kids will undoubtedly swell the dek hockey ranks in a few years, in the mean tome they train.  With multiple training slots every week, they continue to develop their skating and hockey skills.  The reality is when they do join the adult leagues these young guys and girls wo have been taught how to play as opposed to turning up and playing are likley to surpass some of the more senior players.  

Sponsorships have been agreed, funds secured and fund raising events are in the pipeline to send these four youth inline hockey teams (Knights, Dragons, Wolverines and Bombers) away in the winter to compete with the youth skaters in Punta Arenas.  Like the adult team who made the trip a few months ago, the kids are currently training on inline skates but will be playing ice hockey. Whilst there the coaching staff will select a team to represent the Falklands, as well as performance, attitude and charictar will play a pivotal role in who will get to represent our country.  The childrens attitude in training, respect for each other and their coaching staff as well as application to school work are all important if these youngsters want the oppertunity to play ice hockey overseas.  

With a number of young ladies in the teams, we are also investigating creating a female only ice hockey team, "Valkyries".  It is believed to be the first time an all female Falklands team has competed in sport outside the Islands.

youth sponsorship secured

The Falkland Islands only Islands owned and operated supermarket - The Seafish Chandlery have agreed to sponsor youth ice hockey.  This could also include provision of new dek hockey shirts as many of the youth players watch the adults established dek hockey competitions with green envy. Currently the youth team train on inline skates and are intending on travelling to Punta Arenas at the same time as the adult team for the Copa Invernada 2016.  It is hoped that the youth team maybe able to play in Punta Arenas for a friendly prior to the winter tournament so they can skate on ice for the first time.


The youth skaters have expressed a wish for the formation of a dek hockey competition of their own.  This is currently being investigated, and with the Seafish Chandlery announcing they are open to sponsoring this too the furture is looking bright for the youth skaters of the Falkland Islands

Delay for the Falklands Cup playoffs

Due to an unforeseen delay in the UK, there will be a significant hold up in the starting of this years play offs.  The Falklands Cup play offs are going to Launch FORTUNA as the new primary sponsor for the Dek Hockey season.  The new teams shirts with ethe newly approved from the NHL team logos of, Blackhawks, Flyers, Panthers, Penguins, Oilers and Sharks are due to be ready for mid September.  The Cup will start on Sunday 20th September.  The format of the cup will see all teams play each other twice, the bottom two teams will play for the bronze medal position whislt the top teams will fight for gold.  It is anticpated that the final games will be televised and played on October the 11th.  Printer frindly fixtures are available from the down load section of the website.

Reception at museum

The Acting Governor her Excellency Sandra Tyler-Haywood is set to unveil the new Ice Hockey exhibit on the evening on the 6th August 2015.  The new exhibit is deicated to the stunning victory of the Falkland Islands team "Stanley Penguins" in the Copa Invernada 2015 (Winter tournament 2015) recently held in Punta Arenas.


It is an opertunity for the hockey association to publically thank all of our sponsors who made such a victory possible by the their continued support.


Also at the reception we will announce our intention to send the newly formed youth ice hockey team who are currently training on in line skates, to Punta Arenas to compete against the youth teams in Punta.


In addition to the above announcments we shall also offcicailly declare our intention to host the first international sporting event in the Falkland Islands.  This will take place in the form of a dek hockey competition, which is an off ice version of hockey played on feet (see picyure above).  We intend on fielding 5 or 6 of our local teams plus so far we have invited, Kotaix and Nordics of Punta Arenas (possibly may combine to form one team), Castillo knights from Costa Rica,  Navy, Army and RAF ice hockey teams.  We are intending on extending an invitation to Yetis of Santiago and team GB (inlne hockey) also.


The tournament is likley to be held end of January 2016.

Ice hockey team makes history


After months of preparation the FIHT stepped onto the ice for their first game in the Copa Invernada against a strong Santiago yetis team. The Falklands with a small squad of 7 players looked to cause an upset against the much larger yetis team. In a tense first few minutes the deadlock was finally broken with grant budd scoring after breaking in alone from the Falklands zone. The yetis equalised 5 minutes later through a neat one two move that left goalie Reuben Torres exposed and unable to gather the rebound after saving the initial effort brilliantly. This goal sparked a response from the Falkands players who started to take the game to the yetis immediately from the faceoff. Bahl and Nicholson began to pull apart the yetis defence with some neat passing and stick moves, anchored on the blue line by budd. A deft saucer pass from Nicholson in the corner found Bahl open in the slot and he made no mistake in dispatching the puck into the top right corner.

A third goal soon followed when in the reverse of the previous move, Bahl found Nicholson open in the crease with the puck tipped in around the sprawling yetis goalie. Bahl soon added a fourth goal, with a backhand from the slot area into the roof of the net.

After this the yetis decided to play a more physical game, beginning to thro big hits in an attempt to break up the Falkands style of play. Unfortunately for them the Falkands players proved more than willing to match them hit for hit. Grant budd received a two minute penalty for driving a yetis player hard into the boards, the resulting penalty killed off by Ryan Bahl and Alejandro Traba. Next the yetis captain found himself thrown over his own goaltender and into the goal after a cross check on Nicholson inn the goal crease. Goal number five soon followed, Bahl rounding out his hat trick with a one on one deke and shot into the bottom of the net.

The team received a blow at half time when it was announced that Malachi Budd could no longer play due to his age, leaving the team with only 5 skaters. Antoine Daille rose to the occasion providing cover up front ensuring the Falkands forwards could be rested in the second half. Goal 6 followed in the second period with Bahl passing from the blue line to Nicholson who slid the puck under the yetis goalie. A penalty on Alejandro Traba for hooking was killed off in spectacular fashion as bBahl beat two yetis players before spinning backwards and backhanding the puck through the legs of the yetis goalie. Yetis added another goal on the powerplay when a long distance shot beat goalie Rueben Torres. The yetis who had by now retreated completely into their own zone were punished by one more goal from Bahl when he finished a nice play between himself and Alejandro Traba. Final score Falklands-8 Santiago yetis 2.


To reflect the new positive future for the hockey Association and to encompass Ice, Inline and Dek Hockey discaplines the FIDHA Association has been rebranded.  The old ball hockey logo has been redesigned (Coutesy of Tonedog Graphic design) and renamed.  We are no the Falkland Islands Hockey Association, however due to liceencing the club can still be referred to as the older known FIDHA and the domain name will remain the same.


New dek hockey strips 

NHL have agreed to issue copyright permission to the Falkland Islands Dek Hockey Association for the use of the following NHL teams logos. Redwings, Sabres, Penguins, Panthers, Flyers, Blackhawks, Sharks, Coyotes, Hurricanes, Oilers. With a competative deal made with Rhino sports in the UK the intention is to commission the following teams Redwings, Penguins, Oilers, Panthers, Sharks and Flyers.  It is possible that not all these teams will get shirts manufactured at this stage as we currently have 4 Dek Hockey teams it is anticipated to have 5 teams next season.  The book has bot been shut on manufacturing 2 strips for Inline Hockey.  The shirts will be much lighter that the currently used strips, and will have all sponsors logos on as well as being fully numbered with goalie cut shirts for each team.

New sponsorship deals struck

Morrison Construction sign on as primary sponsor for the Falkland Islands Ice Hockey team. Fortuna agree to sponsor Ice, Inline and Dek Hockey for the next 3 years. Standard Chartered Bank are currently in negotiatons to also sponsor Ice, Inline and Dek Hockey for the next 3 years. Energise and Sure continue to sponsor Dek Hockey and the newly formed Ice and Inline Hockey.


Flyers take the 2015 Shield. Flyers clean sweep was denied in their last game against the Blackhawks.  With regular Flyers goal tender Roddy Vasquez injured, rookie goalie ex-deminer Rishon Kamoto debuted and demonstarted his natural athletic ability.  Despite the Flyers striking power of the flying youngsters Kieran Evans and Marco Leyton, the Blackhawks captain ex-Nottingham Panthers and Great Britain International Grant Budd pulled a 50 minute shift to keep the attackers at bay, and take advantage of the lack of expieriance in the net.  Rishon raised many eyebrows as he did a fantastic job in goal, despite his efforts the Blackhawks pipped the Flyers, getting revenge for the 11 - 1 slapping they recieved not a fortnight earlier.  Thanks to the striking power of Marco and Kieran coupled with ex-Penguins captains, defencemen Martyn Barlow and Roy Shepherd all four players reliably notching up goals the Flyers took the title leading the points differance by 21 goals.

2015 AGM Update

Following new members were voted in as new committee members:


Chair –                                  Martyn Barlow

Secretary –                         Jon Nicholson

Treasurer –                         Pam Budd

Committee member      Callum Middleton

Committee member      Isabel Ceballos

Committee member      Grant Budd

Committee member      Antione Daille

Martyn Barlow announced there had been some call for moving back to puck.  The ball was introduced due to the possibility of competing in International Ball hockey, after much discussion it was suggested to revisit and canvass more players, with a pole on FB.  One option suggested was team captains would flip prior to playing to decide whether to use ball or puck prior to each game.

Grant Budd mentioned there is possibility of FI playing Ice hockey in Punta Arenas with the option to train with inline skates in the FI (which has the potential to grow into a new sport).  He also suggested that the FI format of Dek Hockey is also played in Chile and there is also scope for further overseas competition there too.  GB will wait to see who is confirmed as playing in 2015 first and recruit players from there. Unlike the ISBHF Ball Hockey the Ice Hockey is open yo men and women.

He added that the staff in MPA still have the old hockey gear we gave them  two years ago and that Dek Hockey had matured and is going strong. Jon Nicholson said that there are a few Army Ice Hockey players visiting at the moment, FIDH will investigate rekindling MPA Stanley hockey links.

EGM on 25th June

-  6pm, 25th June at the Penguin News office. All welcome.

Topics for discussion will be electing a new committee and the possibilities of forming and training a national team.

Teams for the 2014 season announced

2014 Teams

2014 AGM

This years AGM will take place in the Narrows Bar this Saturday 22nd Feb 1600 - 1700.  All members are encouraged to attend, please remember that the Narrows Bar is a child friendly enviorment too.  Any suggestions or concerns, improvements over last year/ lessons learnt not is the time and the Narrows is the venue to be heard.

2014 Season start

Energise Shield starts on Sunday 16 March at 4 pm with Blackhawks taking on the Penguins, teams have been redrawn that said, a few people have been redrawn into their old side (even if it is new players).


Watch this space, fixtures and downloadable  fixtures from the downloads section will be available as soon as the referees are known and rota planned.  Any people wishing to join or simply being accidentally missed out contact the chairman and action will be taken right away.


Invoices will be making thier way out shortly, players are reminded that memberships must be valid (subs paid) to be eligable to play.


Good luck all

The yellow wrecking ball

Tuesday 11th June is a day that hockey records in the South Atlantic were utterly blown away by a truly rampant Penguins side. The hard work done in the preceding game saw the Blackhawks defeat the Panthers 5-4, a great result for the Hawks but was overshadowed by what came next. The Penguins were 3-0 up after 90 seconds of play and never looked back. Out of the 8 records standing before the game the Penguins broke 7 of them and 2 were all time records. Before the season started the most goals a player had ever scored in one game was 7 goals – Kyran Evans has broken this on two occasions, he now also holds the season records for most assists and has scored the more hatricks than anyone else at this stage of the League. The Penguins decimated their opponents’ 20 - 0, thus smashing the most goals scored by a team and biggest winning margin records that have stood unchallenged for a long time. Marcus Morrison Penguins captain appears to have the correct combination of players this season as this is his second shut out so far, the last was also against the Hurricanes when the Penguins beat them 12-0. Even Penguins rookie Sarah Shepherd who is currently the highest scoring female this year appears to show no sign of slowing down as she added a further 2 points to her own score in the players table. With six games in the bag the Penguins a one game away from equalling the all time record of consecutive wins and seem like they are going to break that too, in their last 6 games they have scored 66 goals and seem unstoppable!

Rules update

NO guest players (not including goal tenders), regardless of teams abilities. Teams must play if they have 3 legal players and 1 goaltender.  If 48 hours before the game they are aware of injuries or players to be missing then Captains must be contacted and the game rescheduled and the Statistics Co-ordinator notified.

One round to be knocked off C+W League to allow the Stanley Cup to start in early August and therefore have the season finish at the end of August

Kicking the Ball: Players are not allowed to dribble the ball or control it in such a manner that constitutes dribbling.  Kicking is classed as striking the ball with your foot.  Dribbling the ball will result in a 2 minute minor penalty for the player

Time-Outs:  Only when the ball is at rest should a time out be allowed to be called.  At rest will include a) held by goaltender, b) face off c) out of bounds.  Teams with only 3 players and 1 goaltender will be allowed 3 time outs but those teams with 4+ players and 1 goaltender will only be allowed 1 Timeout. 

Handling the ball with hands: Rule 614 of the Street and Ball Hockey rules.  ‘If a player closes his hand on the ball, then drops it immediately on the rink in front of himself and gains no advantage by this action or makes no attempt to gain and advantage, play continues.  If there is an infraction, play shall be stopped.  When a player holds the ball more than 3 seconds or takes a few steps with the ball, a Minor Penalty shall be imposed’ An infraction also includes holding the ball and then spinning around to face the other way before dropping it. 

Five-a-side goals to be removed from the gym and placed outside the Fire Exit doors to ensure safety of players

Penguins win the 2013 Energise Shield

THE Energise Shield 2013 was already won by Penguins before their last match on Sunday thanks to Blackhawks beating Hurricanes in the previous weeks matches, but Panthers were looking forward to giving them a hard run before they claimed their prize officially that night.

The game started with furious energy.Panthers Frank O'Sullivan was first to score just a few minutes in to the game, and gave Panthers a moment to hope that they might stop Penguins current winning streak; it did only last a moment, seconds in fact. Ricky Leyton banged in a tricky shot from across the room to even things out for Penguins and within the same minute some fluid teamwork saw Kevin Ross stretch their lead.

Penguin Duane Evans scored minutes later, and then showed some football skill by booting clear a goal attempt from Panthers. Penguins were keen to show the cats why they won the shield, passing well, creating plays and defending well. Sarah Shepherd was smiling next bringing another goal for Penguins; the lead was secured but they weren't going to rest yet. Ricky thumped in another goal and knocked in his hat-trick thirty seconds later.

Panther Roy Shepherd was kicking himself next when what was meant to be a stylish flick turned into Kyran Evans confiscating the ball and gliding a pass to Ricky for another Penguin goal. Callum clutched back some respite for Panthers before half time but the yellow jerseys were looking unstoppable; Panthers 2 - Penguins 7 at the break.

Duane whacked in another soon after the restart proving how well the Penguins squad were creating opportunities to score. Kyran slipped in another past Panthers goalie Melvyn Clifton, who was probably just starting to wish he'd stayed at home when Duane banged in his third of the game.
Panthers were riled; Callum and Duane were sent off for 2 minutes each when Callum hooked his stick between Duane's legs and the pair narrowly missed a brawl.

Melvyn accidentally passed the ball straight out to Ricky who thanked him by punching in another goal over his shoulder. The Penguins were on eleven goals with ten minutes left to play, until they were on twelve goals with nine minutes left to play thanks to Kyran. An unforced error from the cats moments later brought a sense of déjà-vu when Kyran stole the ball and passed to Ricky, but this time it resulted in a Panther player pile-up when two outfield players threw themselves on to the ball to stop it. The pace was unrelenting and Panthers were keen to redeem some glory, but they couldn't get another past Penguin goalie Marcus Morrison. They had twenty four seconds to count down on the clock before Kyran sealed the victory, which probably didn't need that much sealing, by swiping in from behind the goal and past Melvyns foot. Penguins 13 – Panthers 2.

Scoring Summary

Frank O'Sullivan: 1 goal
Callum Middleton: 1 goal – 2 minute penalty

Ricky Leyton: 5 goals
Kyran Evans:  3 goals - 2 assists
Duane Evans: 3 goals - 2 assists - 2 minute penalty
Kevin Ross: 1 goal – 3 assists
Sarah Shepherd:  1 goal – 1 assist

League update

Weldone to the Penguins who have secured victory in the 2013 Energise Shield.

 The fixtures for the league are now up on this website have a look and don't get caught out, there is also a printer friendly fixture in the downloadable content area.

 The 2013 Russell Mith Memorial Trophy is going to follow the usual format of 4 rounds.  Each team will play each other 4 times, this will be a total of 60 games (Shield was 30 games), the last game at the moment is set for early September.

 On completion of the league the play offs will comence for the Stanley Cup with final positions in the league determining who plays who.

Latest hockey update

A review of the a few rules and a look at some of the safety aspects of our game has yielded the following results:

                Guest Players – No change, guest players are still not allowed, however it has been agreed that in a few circumstances (illness, Injury and work) players may remain absent through no fault of their own and this absenteeism may drop their team below the threshold of minimum level of players required. In such cases the captain may request a guest from the Statsman who will review the request and decide if a guest can play. Due to different teams make up and requirements what will work for one team may not work for another. The committee are confident that a commonsense approach from the stats official should alleviate this situation.

                Long shots-There has been and will continue to be no restriction on long shots. The argument given was that it could be dangerous if a player took a ball to the face. However, snap shots at close range pose a greater risk, then wrist shots from range as well as slap shots all have the potential to produce fast moving shots. What would be a long shot in our very small playing arena would equate to a shot from the edge of the defensive zone of an opposition when attacking their goal in a standard hockey rink, which is one of the goals of the FIDHA The result of this discussion is, this is hockey and players, as with all sports play at their own risk.

                Protective equipment- This goes hand in hand with the point made above. Hockey is a game with risk, it is to that end that the FIDHA strongly advise players to wear full protective gear. Whilst the Association does not enforce compliance, commonsense is expected to be adopted by players. The ball was introduced just under a year ago, we played with the puck then have reverted to the ball. Players have had 9 months plus to kit themselves out accordingly, FIG will fit free fitted gum shields, the risk posed by sticks has been there for the last six years. As elevating the membership subs to such levels required to fund gear (multiples of thousands to kit out 40+ players) isn’t an option, the FIDHA reinforce its stance that all participants are advised to wear protective equipment.

Penguins remain undefeated

ENERGISE Shield leaders Penguins took on Flyers in the first match on Tuesday evening. Both teams took a while to warm up and get shots on target, with only one score in the first 20 minutes half by Duane Evans for Penguins.

The second half started with frustrated enthusiasm; both sides eager to light up the score board. Kyran Evans scored quickly pushing a two goal lead for Penguins, but Flyers Antoine Daille retaliated with a cheeky goal from behind the keeper.

Kevin Ross stretched the lead for Penguins once more and it became clear that the Flyers were flustered. The jury’s still out whether Antoine threw or dropped his stick, but finding himself stickless he decided the best way to guard the ball was to sprawl out and lean on the corner of the Sports Hall like a drunk man relieving himself. Not surprisingly this new tactic did not pay off and the Evans brothers recovered the ball for Duane to score again.

With five minutes left on the clock the game looked sewn up in Penguins favour, until the Scottish Rocket sprinted up court with a goal for Flyers: Gordon Lennie may be the oldest player in the league but he is not a man to leave unguarded. Responding immediately to the text book goal the youth of the Penguins, Kyran, scored just seconds later. Final score Flyers 2, Penguins 5.

Hurricanes took on the Blackhawks in the next game, which was a great display of experienced players stretching out their legs in the new season.

First to score was Blackhawks’ Izzy Ceballos with a dominant scoop in the net. Both sides were committed from the start but few shots were on target. Hurricanes were starting to feel uncomfortable trailing the Hawks and Captain Grant Budd moved up field from a defensive role to secure two goals before the end of the first half. 

The second half started frantically. Blackhawks’ guest goalie Marcus Morrison (who had just finished a game with his team Penguins) was under attack with Nick Francis leading the charge with a hat-trick of goals; two just 30 seconds apart.

Blackhawks could not get past Hurricanes Goalie Stuey Duncan who seemed to be plucking shots out of the air that were invisible to the naked eye.

Five minutes left and Boy Miranda stretched the lead for Hurricanes again. The greatly irritated Blackhawks Captain Karl Nightingale found a goal with just one minute on the clock but it was not enough to save them. Final score Hurricanes 6, Blackhawks 2.

Captain Fantastic

Game nine and ten out of the way saw two interesting developments. The first game Flyers V Hurricanes saw the Canes starting without a goalie as Stuey Duncan is still unavailable through injury, the agreed cover Penguins net minder Marcus Morrison was AWOL. Marcus grabbed his gear and made for the “hockey arena” complete with a freshly snapped tooth done moments earlier on a lamb chop (apparently sitting down to dinner when the, “where are you” phone call was taken!) The Flyers took advantage of this squeezing in a brace of goals, that said the Hurricanes tactic ofkeeping possession was working nicely as they eagerly awaited their goalie. Guest goalie put in a great display despite more than a few goal mouth scrambles. The Hurricanes steadily ratcheted up their own tally, with Flyers numbers bolstered by Toby Poole (currently awaiting rostering to a team) Flyers clawed a few back, but the Canes won the goal scoring ratio battle out scoring their opponents. A few minutes from the end a heroic goal from Andy Stanworth saw the Canes delighting the spectators as they secure victory 7-6.

Whilst a match report is lacking for the second game, the final score says it all. Black hawks took on the Coyotes, two teams who have suffered at the hands of the no guesting rule, despite Coyotes inflicting a stern slap to similarly strapped Flyers a few days ago. The Coyotes were playing for the first time this season with “El Torro” Arturo Tellez, and sported an athletic and capable line up.  The Hawks are one of the few teams to be playing with two female players,however they also have formidable attacking pair in Dan Fowler and Karl Nightingale who between them they called in an impressive four hatricks. Blackhawks broke to season records (biggest winning margin and most goals scored in a game, missing out by one goal each on the all time records held by the 2009 Ducks and 2012 Penguins respectively). Blackhawks captain however decimated the previously held record of most goals scored by an individual player. Ppreviously held by current Hurricanes captain Grant Budd and Canadian goal scoring machine Craig Dockrill at 8 goals each, Karl Nightingale netted the ball 11 times! Coyotes 2 Blackhawks 15 thanks to captain fantastic.

Coyotes trip up

The first team to be penalised this season is the Coyotes after it was judged post game they used a player already rostered to another side. One of the rule changes this season is the no guest rule (item 4 minutes dated 13 Dec 2013, reviewed and endorsed minutes 07 Feb 2013). In previous seasons guest players have been allowed to play from other teams. 
Captains were aware of this when selecting sides as there is also no pool. However, new players who are not currently assigned to a team have no restriction placed on them until such time as they become rostered to a team.

It was judged that despite players on the night being happy, the Committee must take into consideration other teams who could have taken advantage if precedence is set of lapse
application of the rules. Due to foreseen complications of enforcing this rule it was reviewed pre season by the committee on the 7th February and decided that the rule will remain and is an absolute, if it is unsustainable and certain teams are struggling then the process of appeal would be passed on to the committee for immediate review. The slight alteration to this rule is Goal Tenders, they can guest but only if 48hrs notice is given, failure to abide will result in teams being penalised.

2013 Starts with a bang

2013 Energise Shield started on Sunday afternoon with the Hurricanes taking on the Penguins in the first game. The fast paced Penguins accelerated away into the lead despite a replay from the Hurricanes Captain the Pens led at the break 4 – 1. 

Penguin’s goalie and Captain Marcus Morrison did an effective job of saving all long shots from Grant Budd allowing his team to counter attack effectively managing to out pass their opponents. Despite the Penguins hunger in attack for quick passing and one time shots Hurricanes striker Nick Francis was unlucky on many occasions just scoring the one for his team. Duane Evans epitomised the aggressive Penguins spirit as he racked up 5 goals and one assist, to secure his team a comfortable 6 – 3 victory. 

Second up was Blackhawks V Panthers.  Despite the Blackhawks being full strength on paper their entire squad played and they still only had one sub.  In contrast to the Blackhawks who also have 2 female players, a strong Panthers side were missing decisive finisher Frank O’Sullivan, Robin Cooper and their only female player Paula Munoz. Despite the first early goal from Panthers defenceman Roy Shepherd, 8 seconds after face off, the Blackhawks were holding their own and the scoreboard showed 2 all square at the interval.

 Interjection was required by the goal judge on 2 occasions as the ball beat Hawks goalie, Roddy Vasquez and appeared to ricochet off the goal frame work, when infact a goal had been scored on both occasions. The goal judge is ideally placed for exactly this reason, located level with the goal line in the viewing area so they have a better view of the goal and in such cases they can veto the referee who may not be aware that a goal has been scored such is the speed of the ball. Roy Shepherd put in a great individual performance and would surely have won man of the match as he knocked up the first double hatrick of the season and got an assist. Final score Panthers 8 Blackhawks 3.

FCO confirms support to Falkland Islands Dek Hockey

Preparation for the 2015 World Championships took a boost today as the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) confirmed they will still pledge the previously agreed financial support to the FIDHA to allow us to purchase sorely needed equipment. Chiefly among this are new larger regulation sized goals, this would also allow our current slightly smaller ones to be given the sporting staff at MPA, thus reducing the extra burden of having to bring them with us every time we play there. New contact has been confirmed with the RAF PT staff that are keen for us to play them at 5 v 5 ball hockey. Details are yet to be confirmed but it is hoped that the newly kitted out ball hockey team will be able to make the commute to MPA to play possibly once a month both off and on season and continuing throughout the winter months.

2013 ISBHF World Championships in St Johns, Canada

It is with great sadness the Chairman has had to announce that due to lack of players currently unavailable, the FI is unable to send a team to St Johns to compete in the ISBHF World Championships. This is despite great support from our sponsors.  We will however start to plan for the next World Championships held in 2015 in Zug, Switzerland. Watch this space for updates on training and 5v5 games in MPA.

Pre-season Friendlies

Pre season friendlies continue, captains inform the Association Sec who will amend this site thus informing the teams.

2013 Team rostering and rule changes for 2013 season

New Captains for the 6 teams competing in the 2013 season have picked teams, to view team rosters click here.


1. No guests allowed for outfield players - goalie guests only if 48 hrs notice is given unless an emergency. Captains to liaise and obtain another goalie only goalies not
playing on the night can only be utilised. If a goalie cancels within an hour of face off no guest goalie will be permitted, the captain decides wether to dress a forward as goalie of concede.

 2. Goalie creases are smaller  (1.8M) but goalies can handle up to first red line, but
must release within 3 seconds, if not then a minor penalty of 2 mins will
occurr. An outfield player will be removed. If the goaltender is pressurised
then the ref will ask the player to retreat to allow the ball to be played.
3. A team not dressing enough to play will forfeit the game and the opposing
team will automatically win 3-0.
4. Both teams not dressing enough players will be classified as a 0-0 score

ISBHF President has agreed to ask the ISBHF board to let Mr Brendan Kent (Great Britain Ball Hockey International) represent the Falkland Islands in the 2013 world Championships under the Heritage player rules as We are a competing Nation in the catagory B table.  Former FI domestic hockey players Mr Craig Dockrill and Mr Jaydon Schrieber who held valid work permits whilst contracted to the Islands during their years of residency are also hoping to get the green light from the ISBHF to play for the Falklands.

2012 Presentation Night

The third bi-annual presentation night and the first since becoming an Association was held in the FIDF Hall on Saturday 24th. The Seasons covered were the 2011 and 2012 Seasons which were the first seasons to see 6 teams fight it out with 2012 being the first time a military team has picked up the gauntlet. Preceding the event was the 2012 AGM where new team captains were chosen and a few new faces on the committee with a new position of Fundraising Chairperson. After the dedicated hockey events the doors were thrown open to the public as a fundraising bash was held in the form of a Country and Western night with 2 live bands and a DJ to entertain the crowd. For a down loadable copy of the minutes of the AGM click here. As usual at these events free food and drink was available to all attending with children welcome to the presentation. The FIDF hall was converted into a Falklands hockey shine for the evening as shirts from all teams past and present lined the walls with the odd hockey sticks suspended from above the walls. There was even a couple of mannequins dressed in full protective gear, one greeting patrons at the door and the other keeping an eye on the bar. A good night saw money raised for the national team and a few potential new players looking forward to Grant Budds training on Tuesdays!

ISBHF Interview

Marcus Morrison (FIDHA Chairman) was interviewed by the International Street and Ball Hockey Federatio (ISBHF) and this can now be found on the ISBHF homepage.  You can view this interview by clicking here.

MPA Hockey

RAF PTI Sam Hodges has been driving the implementation of our great sport into MPA.  Sunday 28th October saw the first of what is hoped to be a regular occurance.  Good interest was eveident as the RAF turned out in force to have a crack at Dek Hockey.  The old gym in MPA is considerably larger than the one we are used to thus enabling us to play 5x5 hockey adding an exciting new dynamic to the game.

New training times

New training times started 6th Novemeber Tuesday 1900-2100. Price will be £2 a session per person to be invoiced accordingly (given that an hours slot constitutes 1 session).

Plan is to utilise the training templete Marcus Morrison has with Offensive and Defensive training.  Will investigate extra slot on occasion for bleep test to ensure everyone is keeping on top of their personel fitness.

IJS Infant and Junior School youth development

The last few years have seen IJS teacher and hockey man Robin Cooper bring his sport to his pupils by holding Dek Hockey training and games for the youth of the Islands.  Sadly Robin is set to leave the Islands next year and will no longer be able to spend his spare time developing the juniors hockey.  The good news for these little whipper snappers is Falklands National Coach and team Captain Grant Budd, who currently helps Robin out will assume the mantle for youth development.

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