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Dek Hockey is an off ice verion of hockey played in a gymnasium on feet.  Players use ice hockey sticks and wear a varying range of ice and street hockey protective equipment. Teams are mixed sex and ages range from 15 years upwards. 


There are three competitions; Energise Shield which traditionally starts off the season followed by the League "Russell Smith Memorial Trophy" sponsored by Sure. Finally the Falklands Cup ends the season in a knockout style play off competition.


Current National Coach and founding member is ex-professional Ice Hockey skater Grant Budd.  Grant started off and indoor hockey club in 2006 which in the space of a few years  continued to grow and evolve. We now have 4 teams and recently have started training on inline skates opening the door for inline hockey to be played domestically.  The primary function of Inline hockey in the Falklands however,  is to to train our newly formed Ice Hockey team who are looking to competing in Punta Arenas in the large annually held Winter tournament and the smaller Summer competition which typically takes place in Jan/ Feb time.

Becomming a member

After contacting a member of our committee and being rostered to a team, you can expect to play usually 1 or 2 times a week.  From time to time a team maybe rested for 1 week depending on how the fixtures have been calculated.  There will be 4 teams competing in the 2015 season: Flyers, Blackhawks, Penguins and Panthers. Teams typically have 6 out players in and 1 goal tender, we also hold regular training periods and instruction hosted by the Falklands own ex-Ice Hockey Pro Grant Budd.


Due to court fees and cost of importing specialist hockey equipment the Monthly fee of £17.50 or Annual charge of £87 is to be paid in advance.  The only info you will be requested is the usual contact info of email and mobile, as from time to time a team might be short of players and request a guest. 


As an addition, inline skating is every weekend with inline hockey 0900 - 1000 with normal inline skating 1000 - 1100.  At present both sessions are free, with currently no intention of charging for the inline hockey.  The free skating will see a £1 charge introduced as we can look into getting LED lighting and disco equipment.


We look at teams not in action that evening and invite players to play, so the price:game ratio is by no means fixed.



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